2017 Band Day


Decatur County's Photo Page


Year 2017
Director Jacob Crossley
Assistant Directors Noah Leininger, Jeff Maupin
Auxiliary Director Andre Williams
Additional Staff Chris Crowder, Audrey Cuellar, Chris Frick, Evan Fyfe, Adam Ruble, Randall Standridge
Drum Major Carl Kroger
Show Theme/Title One Day We'll Have Wings
Repertoire Winds of Change(by Randall Standridge); Fly to Paradise (by Eric Whitacre)
Total Members 58
Band Day 9th place
Band Day Scores Finals - 82.65; Prelims - 80.875 (10th place)
Other Band Day Awards Class AA 2nd place; Best Visual, Percussion
Other Contests Monroe Central Clinic
Centerville - 4th place
Muncie Central - 8th place
Noblesville - 7th place



Year 2016
Director Jacob Crossley
Assistant Director Noah Leininger
Drum Major Madalyn Nobbe
Show Theme/Title As One
Repertoire Flight (by John Fannin)
Total Members 45
Band Day 13th place
Band Day Scores Finals - 73.775; Prelims - 69.90 (15th place)
Other Contests Centerville - 13th place
Muncie Central - 15th place
Noblesville - 9th place



Note: Combined Decatur County high school bands (Greensburg, North Decatur, South Decatur)